For the most comfortable interior climate with an excellent view outside
For the most comfortable interior climate with an excellent view outside

Climat Screen offers a sustainable solution. A daylight filtering system with high insulation value which largely keeps the solar heat out in the summer and keep the heat indoors during winter.

The systems

Climat Screen is available in five versions; Compact, Compact with centre roller, Extra Compact, Twin and Fix

Ways to operate

All screens can be raised and lowered manually with an endless metal chain or motorized, by remote and/or app.


Climat Screen helps you in achieving your 'green' goals.

Full climate control in your building

Climat Screen functions optimally in terms of heat penetration compared to conventional window blinds and even outdoor sunscreens. The foil of the system reflects sunlight by about 80 percent, which keeps it nice and cool inside.

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Makes your office more environmentally sustainable

Climat Screen consists of a foil that has been applied with a special hammering treatment that ensures the sunlight is reflected by about 80 percent. 

In contrast to other types of films, the exterior look of your building remains perfect as well

The benefits

Improves your working environment

Completely clear view to the outside

Energy efficient for sustainable buildings

Glare control

Reduces energy costs

Contributes to EPN (Energy Performance Standardization)

Adjustable, both manual and motorized

Beautiful sleek exterior view and contemporary looking interior

Convince yourself with a trial order

Please contact us for the possiblilities of a trial order and experience how Climat Screen can work at your office. Mail to