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Helps to achieve your green goals

Tests by TNO, The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research have shown that Climat Screen functions optimally in terms of heat penetration. The foil reflects sunlight by about 80%. And in addition the K value of the glass increases by 30% when using Climat Screen. This means that the heat dissipation via the glass to the outside, is drastically reduced. This is because a stationary layer of air remains between window and foil which ensures insulation (25-30% less heat loss). And due to the UV filter, the interior is not effected by the UV rays from the sun.

Sunlight consists of uv, light and infrared radiation. Sunlight that reaches the surface consist for 50% of light, 45% infrared radiation and 5% ultraviolet radiation. The sunlight that enters the building through glazing is aborbed by the furniture, floor and walls of the interior. The temperature of these objects increase. And this heat is exposed to the internal environment.

Green Key Approved

Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the tourism and recreational sector in the Netherlands. 

Climat Screen improves the complete indoor climate with a positive effect on temperature and light.