Kleuruitvoeringen, lichtdoorlaatbaarheid en stabilisering


Transparency, stabilization and colours


The amount of light that falls through the systems from outside to inside is determined by the thickness and transparency of the screens. There are three types of light transmission:
• 0R: black-out (77 mu thick)
• 2R: (77 mu thick)
• 10R: most transparency (77 mu thick)


By applying horizontal folds in the foil, it achieves a higher stiffness. The subtle folds ensure stability and a beautiful, calm-looking pattern. The foil is also equipped with a special hammering finish (prisms). The folds can be applied in the following dimensions:
• 25 mm
• 40 mm
• 60 mm


All types are available in five colours:

  • brown-silver (2R and 10R)
  • grey silver (2R and 10R, also in B1 quality,

    fire retardant)

  • silver-silver (2R en 10R)
  • white-silver (0R)
  • black-silver (0R)


The cassettes are available in:

  • Technical silver, anodised or powder coated in RAL 9001 or 9003 (standard options)
  • In any desired RAL colour

The systems are available in any desired RAL colour