Volledige controle over het klimaat in uw gebouw


Full climate control in your building

Climat Screen functions optimally in terms of heat penetration compared to conventional window blinds and even outdoor sunscreens. The foil of the system reflects sunlight by about 80 percent, which keeps it nice and cool inside. In addition, the K value of the glass increases by approximately 30 percent when using Climat Screen. 

This means that the heat dissipation, via the glass to the outside, is drastically reduced. This is because a stationary layer of air remains between window and foil, which ensures insulation (25-30 percent less heat loss). The result is a cool room in the summer and a pleasantly warm room in winter.

Cool in summer and warm in winter

Beautiful natural light

Climat Screen does not darken the space but removes all possible annoying glare and reflections in screens, white boards and digital presentation screens. In addition users can regulate the amount of light themselves. This provides a pleasant environment in which people can do their work unhindered and reduces fatigue. Climat Screen is available in different types of films, depending on the need for more or less light transmittance and external view. There are even dim out versions available.

The amount of light entering the room can be regulated. You can control the glare.

A look at the screen without annoying glare, reflections.